In our YouTube Training package we cover the top strategies to help you grow your channel. In 3 monthly 30 minute sessions for 3 months we look at your data around a specific focus and then provide feedback and guidance on what will help you grow faster. The cost is $1k/mo for 3 months.

Month 1: 

  1. Programming 1 (Topics, Value Props)

  2. Thumbnails 1 (What’s working, what’s not)

  3. Programming 3 (Frequency of post, Day Of Week, Time Of Day)

Month 2:

  1. Programming 2 (Length, AVD)

  2. Thumbnails 2 (Review changes)

  3. Metadata (Titles, Thumbnails, Tags)

Month 3: 

  1. End Screens, Playlists

  2. Channel layout, Scheduling

  3. Review changes, Move forward suggestions

YouTube Training


We offer consulting packages that can meet most budgets, starting at $3,000 for a one off report.

Our Consulting Report is an 8 - 12 page document reviewing your channel analytics. We then give a list of suggestions based on our findings in the report and answer any questions provided to us in advance.

We offer discounts for longer term bi-monthly or weekly agreements.

Channel Management

When you hire Little Monster Media Co. to manage your channel you can rest assured that your content is reaching its maximum view potential. With our Channel Management services we handle all aspects of a YouTube channel and its uploads including uploading of videos, thumbnail creation, metadata creation & optimization, community management, monetization, playlist creation, channel layout, and more.

Channel Overhaul

Most YouTube channels have an under-optimized library of videos. Little Monster will craft new thumbnails, update your metadata, revamp your card strategy, and optimize your end screens to ensure every video is contributing to your channel at its maximum potential. We charge $25 per video for a minimum of 100 videos.

Training Courses

Little Monster’s training course are customized to your brand and niche. They are designed to give you and your brand a crash course in everything from YouTube basic best practices to an advanced understand of how the platform and algorithms work. Our training courses cost $10,000 each, or $25,000 for all three.

Paid Media

On an annual basis, Little Monster spends mid-seven figures on Google Ads, to build audiences on the YouTube platform. We’ve generated 100s of millions of earned views and millions of earned and engaged subscribers for our clients. Please contact us for details.


In the 10+ years that we have been working on the YouTube platform we have created over 10,000s YouTube videos. We know what works, what has come before, and most importantly how to make something new and unique that will get viewers. Please contact us for details.